High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider for Wyandot County & area
                                                   with Broadcast Access Points in Upper Sandusky, Carey, Nevada, Wharton, Forest, Vanlue, Alvada, New Riegel, Sycamore & Lovell, OH


UDATAnet contacts for more information.

Telephone: 419-294-4141  Fax: 419-294-0302
for Fax: Call first, it is unplugged, way too many unsolisited faxes!
Mailing Address & Main Office: 13910 County Hwy. 330, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351
Map to UDATAnet main office
Office hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Use Payment Drop Box (there are 2) for after hours payments at above Mailing Address, be sure to attach name if paying by cash.
Payments mailed to: UDATA, 13910 County Hwy. 330, Upper Sandusky, OH 43351 

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To schedule Wireless Line-of-Site or Wireless Installation email

or ask for Theresa when calling 419-294-4141

Technical Support email
webmaster@udata.com, vutley@udata.com,
jessicam@udata.comtheresal@udata.com & jerryy@udata.com

Receptionist, Accounting, Tech Support, Schedule Wireless Installations Theresa Lortz
Receptionist, Accounting & Tech Support Jessica Messmer
Tech Support & Other General Questions Tom Utley
Tech Support, Other General Questions, Local Events Posting Vicky Utley
Wireless Installer Jerry Yirga

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